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Android app for automating Instagram promotion right on your smartphone
1 000
Folme will find 1000 potential
clients daily
Folme subscribes to and likes
300 top accounts
50 accounts will follow you back
Folme automatically sends them a direct message with a selling offer
Finally, you'll make 3 sales and nurture the rest with content

Boost your follower count and brand awareness

Folme is the cheapest and most effective Instagram growth tool in 2024
You will get
Up to
targeted followers
Only targeted and real followers. These users will follow you only if you seem interesting to them
Increased engagement on your posts, Stories, and Reels
Get more engagement with new interested followers
3x boost in leads and sales
Connect with hundreds of potential clients on Instagram automatically. Receive up to 20 requests for your products and services in DM daily
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How it works?

Download Folme on your Android phone. If you don't have a phone, buy it for 70$ or use one of our remote phones
the audience
With the help of our smart assistant, set up your target audience and required actions
the promotion
The tool will start:
  • Finding the most active audience
  • Following, liking, and interacting with users
Folme tracks the audience that followed or liked you back and send them a message
and optimize
Get daily reports on actions and results
So simple and so effective.
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Why it's safe

We spent thousands of hours to make sure your account is secure.
Every action
happens on your phone
The tool doesn’t require your password. You can see everything that happens on your account.
Real device
All the activity happens on real smartphone with whitelisted IP. You don't violate Instagram rules.
Instagram app
It works as if the actions are performed by real person on Instagram. It is impossible to distinguish application's actions from real user.
Compliance with Instagram limits and additional activity
Thousands of accounts are promoted with our app. We analyze and take into account all Instagram updates.
Over 10000 accounts are already being promoted by Folme app
Don't miss the chance to grow your business on Instagram
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Choose your plan. Cancel anytime.
Absolutely free Plan for the Folme application running on your Android phone
$0 forever
  • 30 actions every day
  • Require 1 hour of your Phone
  • Gives about 100 new followers / month
63% choose
An effective plan that will help you get high results. Works on your Android phone
$29/ mo
  • 300 actions every day
  • Require 8 hour of your Phone
  • Gives about 1000 new followers / month
  • Sends messages to all new followers
No phone required, all work is in our cloud and configured by our marketing specialist
$79/ mo
  • 300 actions every day
  • Does not require use phone
  • Gives about 1000 new followers / month
  • Sends messages to all new followers
Special offers for marketing agencies and SM influencers
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Do I need a phone on Android?

It is advisable to use a separate Android phone to use Folme. You will be able to see all the actions on your phone screen. The region of the device will match your location. We do not recommend using the android phone that you use in everyday life, as Folme will run about 10 hours daily.

The second option is to use our remote phone service. To do this, you will have to give us data from your account so that we can login to our phone. This phone will only have your account and we will guarantee that your data will be encrypted.

What if I don’t have a separate phone on Android?

We recommend buying a phone on Android. The optimal model of the phone costs 70-100 dollars and it will be delivered within 1-3 days. Purchasing an expensive model makes no sense. Main system requirements: 2+ cores, 4+ GB of RAM, and at least 64 GB of memory. Android OS version 7 and above. We do not recommend buying phones on Android 15, because the new operating systems are not sufficiently tested.

Buying a phone will pay off in a few days.

  • Buy phone on ebay
  • Buy phone on Amazon
  • Buy a phone on...
How it works?

Your phone and account will work about 10 hours a day. We recommend to keep your phone on charge, because the battery charge is enough for 4-8 hours depending on the model of the phone. Your phone should be off sleep. Read the instructions on how to disable this mode.

What does the result depend on?

First of all, it depends on the audience of your competitors that you provide for parsing. If you choose competitors with a good audience, you will get good results. A good audience is those who are willing to buy your products and services. Bad audience - these are clicked bots or abandoned accounts.

Second, the quality and relevance of your content. Active and solvent client will not subscribe to an account that she/he did not like. Thus, the success of working with Folme depends on you as well!

What should I do besides setting up and running?

We recommend checking and processing your Instagram DMs daily.

Customers don't like to wait long. Compose universal sales messages and send to those who come out to you. By the way, you can reply to messages both when Folme is turned off and from another device (computer or your main phone).

Full setup instructions

A must-study for those who start working with Folme