How to enable accessibility service and overlay permission for Folme?

In order to be able to work, Folme needs to perform actions on your behalf, such as opening an Instagram app, scrolling through the feed, liking posts, viewing stories, sending direct messages, etc. To achieve that, you need to enable accessibility service. If you don’t enable accessibility service, Folme won’t be able to work.

Also, there is going to be a window displayed on the top of other apps. That’s why you need to let Folme overlay over other apps.

Please note that each Android is different. The interface can vary slightly from device to device. We will show you an example using our Android phone TECNO SPARK 9 Pro (Android 12), but these steps might be different on your phone. You will have to figure it out yourself.

Accessibility service

  1. 1. Click on Launch.
  2. 2. Click on Enable.
  3. 3. Find Folme and click on it (on some Android devices, you will have to go to Downloaded apps).
  4. 4. Turn Use Folme on.
  5. 5. Click on Allow (on some Android devices, you will have to tick ‘I’m aware of the possible risks, and assume all possible consequences voluntarily’ and click on OK; on others, you will have to just click on OK).
  6. 6. Go back to Folme.
  7. 7. You might need to click on the back arrow once again to get back to Folme.

Overlay permission

  1. 8. Click on Enable.
  2. 9. Find Folme.
  3. 10. Turn Folme on (on some Android devices, you will have to click on Folme and turn ‘Allow display over other apps’ on).
  4. 11. Go back to Folme.