Folme interface

  1. 1. Menu allows you to navigate from one page to another.
  2. 2. Add account is where you can add more of your Instagram accounts.
  3. 3. Reset button allows you to update the data.
  4. 4. Trial means that you have a 7-day free trial. When the trial period is over, you'll then be charged according to your plan.
  5. 5. Plan shows a rate plan you are using:
    • The Basic rate plan allows you just to use the promotion strategy without any additional perks. Your account will be following your competitors’ audience, liking their posts, viewing their stories and reacting to them, and sending direct messages to new followers. It costs $29 per month.
    • The Effective rate plan is the same as the Basic one, but you will also be able to filter your audience. It means that you will be able to weed out all inactive or fake accounts, so you will interact with the most engaged audience. Also, we will help you to set up everything from the very beginning, and we will always be there for you to answer all of your questions to ensure your campaign is successful. It costs $49 per month.
    • The Effective Remote rate plan is the same as the Effective one, but you won’t need an Android phone. It doesn’t matter what device you have because we will provide you with our own phone with a SIM card. Our manager will get in touch with you, and together, we will go through the authentication process on our mobile device. We will set up everything, so that you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be able to see all the necessary statistics in the Folme interface (like how many people you followed, how many of them followed you back, how many posts you liked, how many direct messages you sent, etc.). It costs $79 per month.
  1. 6. Expires shows the date when your rate plan expires.
  2. 7. Strategy shows a promotion strategy you are using:
    • Low is designed for new Instagram users (accounts created less than 6 months ago). You are going to follow up to 100 people per day.
    • Middle is for accounts created 6 to 12 months ago, and for those who are not the most active Instagram users. You are going to follow up to 200 people per day.
    • Hard is designed for accounts created more than 1 year ago, and for people who use Instagram every day. You are going to follow up to 300 people per day.
  3. 8. Audience means Instagram users you are following and interacting with.
    • Dynamic means you are following and interacting with your competitor’s followers.
    • Here could also be displayed your own list of people you want to follow (you can create it in the Lists tab).
  4. 9. Launch button allows you to start your promotion campaign.
  5. 10. Your account settings. Here, you will be able to:
    • Edit your Instagram username if you misspelled it.
    • Switch to another promotion strategy.
    • Change the working time of your account.
    • Use your own list of people you want to follow that you created in the Lists tab.
    • Turn on auto DM to new followers and use a list of auto messages you created in the Lists tab for that purpose.
    • Enable filters you created in the Filters tab.
  6. 11. Adding your competitors.
  7. 12. Your account statistics.
  8. 13. How many people you followed.
  9. 14. How many people you unfollowed.
  10. 15. How many posts you liked.
  11. 15. How many comments you left.
  12. 17. How many direct messages you sent.
  13. 18. The current page (your accounts).
  14. 19. Lists allow you to add 2 types of lists:
    • Audience list is your own list of Instagram accounts you want to follow and interact with (you collect it manually by yourself).
    • Texts list is a list of auto messages that are going to be sent to new followers.
  15. 20. Statistics for all accounts.
  16. 21. Filters allow you to filter an audience you want to follow and interact with:
    • Setting the minimum and the maximum number of followers.
    • Choosing the minimum and the maximum number of following.
    • Specifying the minimum number of posts.
    • Setting the maximum number of days since the last post.
    • Picking whether you want to follow private accounts or not.
    • Selecting whether you need to follow business accounts or not.
  17. 22. Support.